✨ I'm an 🇨🇦 Ontario-based Webflow Developer & Motion Designer with over a decade of experience in design and web development.

🪄 I partner with designers and agencies to build their beautiful Figma designs in Webflow and bring their stories to life with motion and carefully-crafted micro-interactions. I can give your website a soul!

🔍 Before diving into Webflow, I worked as a Senior Interaction Designer at Google on their AR/VR team.

👓 As a Visual Designer at North (acquired by Google in 2020) I helped design the UX/UI for the world’s first prescription smart glasses.

🎨 I’ve also had the pleasure of working at various startups as a UX/Visual Designer and spent 5+ years building websites for businesses across multiple industries.

🧠 I’m building in Webflow because I believe it solves a crucial marketing need for both startups (0-1 with easy to action on templates) and growing businesses (easily customizable sites that can be adapted with growing needs).

🔰 Currently I'm mixing my passion for development, motion & illustration with a lot of coffee ☕️ , time with family ❤️, cruising 🛹🏂 and skating. 🛼⛸

If you’d like to work together 👉 let’s get in touch!